Past Nominees & Winners

Residents' Choice

  • 450K (DC)
  • Dalian on the Park (PA)
  • Enclave at Emerson (MD)
  • Winner: Flats at Bethesda Avenue (MD)
  • Lakehouse (MD)
  • Mariner Bay at Annapolis Town Center (MD)
  • Millstone at Kingsview (MD)
  • St. Johns Wood (VA)

Ratings & Reviews

  • Winner: 465 North Park (IL)
  • 7SEVENTY7 (WI)
  • The Berkleigh (MD)
  • Dalian on the Park (PA)
  • The Kensington (MA)
  • Millstone at Kingsview (MD)
  • Park + Garden (NJ)
  • The Residences at Eastern Market (DC)


  • 5250 Park at Downtown Doral (FL)
  • Alston (NY)
  • The Apartments at CityCenter (DC)
  • Canvas Valley Forge (PA)
  • The Clark (VA)
  • The Elm (MD)
  • Winner: Hub50House (MA)
  • OneEleven (IL)

Lease-Up of the Year

  • 727 West Madison (IL)
  • Aura Boca (FL)
  • Gio Midtown (FL)
  • i5 Union Market (DC)
  • Winner: The James (NJ)


  • Concord Crystal City (VA)
  • The Dylan (NY)
  • Winner: Eight Eleven Uptown (IL)
  • Gio Midtown (FL)
  • The Harlo (MA)
  • Millstone at Kingsview (MD)
  • Monroe Street Market (DC)
  • Union Wharf (MD)

Club Zero

  • Winner: 7SEVENTY7 (WI)
  • Canvas Valley Forge (PA)
  • The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Harlow (NJ)
  • The Kensington (MA)
  • Park + Garden (NJ)
  • The Sudbury (MA)
  • Vue32 (PA)

Property of the Year—Urban

  • 450K (DC)
  • The Avant at Reston Town Center (VA)
  • Winner: Concord Crystal City (VA)
  • Corsair (CT)
  • Dalian on the Park (PA)

Property of the Year—Suburban

  • Arcadia Run (VA)
  • Winner: The Berkleigh (MD)
  • Millstone at Kingsview (MD)
  • The Point at Still River (CT)
  • Willow Grove Apartment Homes (CT)

Community Service

  • 5250 Park at Downtown Doral (FL)
  • Ashby at McLean (VA)
  • Left Bank (IL)
  • Lenox & Quinn (NJ)
  • The Point at Still River (CT)
  • Winner: The Residences at Eastern Market (DC)
  • West Broad (VA)
  • Winthrop (MD)

Social Media

  • The Apollo (DC)
  • Blvd & Bond (MA)
  • Winner: Dalian on the Park (PA)
  • The Octagon (NY)
  • OneEleven (IL)
  • ParkLine Miami (FL)
  • West Broad (VA)
  • The Witmer (VA)

Team Spirit

  • The Beacon Clarendon & 19Nineteen (VA)
  • Bryant St (DC)
  • Carver Senior Apartments (DC)
  • Chase Manor (MD)
  • The Harlo (MA)
  • The Isle (PA)
  • Winner: The Point at Pine Ridge (NY)
  • Skylyne at Temescal (CA)

Resident Concierge of the Year

  • Ben Hu
    One Greenway (MA)
  • Courtney White
    The Modern at Art Place (DC)
  • Winner: Darryl Howard
    1331 (DC)
  • Kenisha Samuels
    Strata Wynwood (FL)
  • Maurice Johnson
    465 North Park (IL)
  • Raymond Chase
    One Cathedral Square (PA)
  • Tony Piccirillo
    Signature (VA)

Outstanding Top Sales

  • Kylie Keller
    The Capitol (NY)
  • Winner: Madelyn Mayfield
    Bennett Park (VA)
  • Mason Hopkins
    Yale West (DC)
  • Rosina Fleri
    Spinnaker Bay at Harbor East (MD)
  • Steven Evans
    Dalian on the Park (PA)

Outstanding High Velocity Sales

  • Angel Anderson
    Halstead Fair Oaks (VA)
  • Cindy Ackerman
    Aura Boca (FL)
  • Winner: Connor Loose
    Crossing (DC)
  • Owen Ocholla
    Falls Green (VA)
  • Shanice Gregory
    Core (FL)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Maintenance

  • Calvin Arrington
    The Frasier (VA)
  • Cleveland Bathersfield
    14W (DC)
  • Maykel Castillo
    Strata Wynwood (FL)
  • Michael Coy
    Chesapeake Ridge (MD)
  • Mike Falzone
    Twenty|20 (MA)
  • Pedro Romero
    The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Winner: Rodman Galvan
    The Park (NJ)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Management

  • Anabel Misas
    5250 Park at Downtown Doral (FL)
  • Becca Greiff
    The Sudbury (MA)
  • Emily Capp
    The Witmer (VA)
  • Kyle Reed
    District (DC)
  • Liridona Hoti
    OneEleven (IL)
  • Romere Clarke
    Oriana (NY)
  • Winner: Sharona Lundy
    Winthrop (MD)
  • Zoe Michael
    City Ridge (DC)

Rise for Social Impact

  • Conny Matos
    Gio Midtown (FL)
  • Debbie Lam
    Left Bank (IL)
  • Hannah Hastings
    Aalto57 (NY)
  • Liridona Hoti
    OneEleven (IL)
  • Winner: Pea Medina
    The Whit (CT)

Developing Future Leaders—Maintenance

  • Douglas Larios
    Coda at Bryant Street (DC)
  • James Perry
    Corsair (CT)
  • Winner: Marcus Quinn
    The Whitney (MD)
  • Oliver Leiva
    Vantage Collection (NJ)
  • Sohail Yousaf
    Arbors at Arundel Preserve (MD)
  • Stephen Eissler
    Gio Midtown (FL)
  • Victor Argenal
    Park + Ford (VA)

Developing Future Leaders—Management

  • Dan Pereira
    Hub50House (MA)
  • Elsie Pouchie
    EDGE Apartments (NJ)
  • Kaitlin Fisher
    Grosvenor Tower (MD)
  • Winner: Laura Razmilic
    Aura Boca (FL)
  • Maty Wellerson
    NOVEL South Capitol (DC)
  • Ryan Watts
    Arbors at Arundel Preserve (MD)
  • Simone Green
    Riverside Apartments (VA)
  • Steven Dyer
    465 North Park (IL)

Service Manager of the Year

  • Angel Cotto
    Aster (MD)
  • Bayron Cardona
    Premiere on Pine (WA)
  • Brian Denet
    42 Broad (NY)
  • Chris Pruitt
    Enclave at Potomac Club Apartments (VA)
  • Gordon Tier
    WaterView Echelon City Center (FL)
  • Winner: Kevin Young
    Monroe Street Market (DC)
  • Mark Martino
    Halstead Milford (CT)
  • Tomas Gomez
    Sedona|Slate (VA)

Property Manager of the Year

  • Ann Neeley
    The Boulevard (FL)
  • Cindy Gogluizza
    Ashbridge Exton (PA)
  • Diana Damanpak
    Runway (CA)
  • Kal Kozycki
    The Channel & Incanto (DC)
  • Kathryn Zells
    Alexan Florence (VA)
  • Winner: Leah Cataldo
    The Sudbury (MA)
  • Lorin Atkins
    Faraday Park (VA)
  • Maryann Gonzalez
    Vantage Collection (NJ)

Rising Star—Management

  • Amanda Dillon
    Heirloom Flats (CT)
  • Amber Brooks
    Farrell Communities at Islip (NY)
  • Bianca Cabrera
    Milagro Coral Gables (FL)
  • Brandon Rogers
    Reese (VA)
  • Emily Kerekes
    City Ridge (DC)
  • Michael Mongeon
    Monarch (MD)
  • Quinn Feeley
    Spoke (IL)
  • Winner: Sarah Aevermann
    The Julian at Fair Lakes (VA)

Rising Star—Maintenance

  • Alex Abarca
    Halstead Fair Oaks (VA)
  • Blaise Andrews
    OMNIA at Town Center (PA)
  • Jayro Ramos
    Runway (CA)
  • Juan Gonzalez
    Stamford Corners (CT)
  • Matthew Chepinskas
    New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Winner: Michael Guilianti
    Avalia (FL)
  • Mike Reives
    RESA (DC)
  • Nelson Quintero Briceno
    Ovation at Park Crest (VA)