Past Nominees & Winners

Residents' Choice

  • District (DC)
  • The Kensington (MA)
  • Madox (NJ)
  • The Palatine (VA)
  • Onyx on First (DC)
  • Winner: The Woodley (DC)

Ratings & Reviews

  • 360 State Street (CT)
  • Chesapeake Ridge (MD)
  • Winner: The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Flats170 at Academy Yard (MD)
  • Halstead New Rochelle Metro North (NY)
  • Lakeside Apartments (VA)


  • The Avant at Reston Town Center (VA)
  • Enclave at Box Hill (MD)
  • Gaslight Commons (NJ)
  • Winner: The Hepburn (DC)
  • One Greenway (MA)
  • Solis Waverly (NC)

Lease-Up of the Year

  • 5333 Connecticut (DC)
  • Winner: Chestnut Square (PA)
  • Flats 8300 (MD)
  • The Frasier (VA)
  • Hahne & Co (NJ)
  • Mallory Square (MD)
  • Third and Valley (NJ)
  • Union on Queen (VA)
  • West Broad (VA)


  • Flats 130 at Constitution Square (DC)
  • The Kensington (MA)
  • Monroe Street Market (DC)
  • Winner: Park Lane Seaport (MA)
  • Regent's Park (VA)
  • The Wellington (VA)

Club Zero

  • The Avant at Reston Town Center (VA)
  • Bennett Park (VA)
  • Concord Crystal City (VA)
  • Winner: The Lexington at Market Square (DC)
  • Park Adams (VA)
  • Redstone at Concordville Town Centre (PA)
  • Regent's Park (VA)
  • Stone Point Apartments (MD)
  • Union Wharf (MD)

Property of the Year—Urban

  • 800 Carlyle (VA)
  • Winner: Bennett Park (VA)
  • Chesapeake Ridge (MD)
  • Masons Keepe (VA)
  • Park Adams (VA)
  • Regent's Park (VA)

Community Service

  • Elevation at Washington Gateway (DC)
  • Hahne & Co (NJ)
  • Halstead Square Dunn Loring Metro (VA)
  • The Kensington (MA)
  • Monument Village at College Park (MD)
  • Winner: New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Solis Ballantyne (NC)

Social Media

  • 5333 Connecticut (DC)
  • Flats at Perimeter Place (GA)
  • New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Winner: One Greenway (MA)
  • Riverside (VA)
  • Upton (MD)

Team Spirit

  • Capitol at Chelsea (NY)
  • City Market at O Street (DC)
  • Flats on D (MA)
  • Lakehouse (MD)
  • Liberty Towers (NJ)
  • Winner: Sedona|Slate (VA)
  • Silverwood Farm (MD)
  • The Tannery (CT)

President's Choice

  • Winner: The Kensington (MA)

Resident Concierge of the Year

  • Diane Harley
    1213 Walnut (PA)
  • Douglas E. Jordan
    Sedona (VA)
  • Jarrett Cherry
    The Apartments at CityCenter (DC)
  • Jose Rosa
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Nana Asamoah-Djan
    Waterside Place (MA)
  • Winner: Nordia Byrd
    The Equitable Building (MD)

Outstanding Top Sales

  • Alma Tambone
    The Kensington (MA)
  • Bobby Hsieh
    Instrata Pentagon City (VA)
  • Winner: Nigel Crayton
    Elevation at Washington Gateway (DC)
  • Saijul Patel
    The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Shavon Lewis
    Citizen Perimeter (GA)

Outstanding High Velocity Sales

  • Winner: Beza Shibeshi
    Riverside (VA)
  • Deavon Taylor
    Flats 130 at Constitution Square (DC)
  • Keith Stewart
    Riverside (VA)
  • Kiara Jamison
    Flats 130 at Constitution Square (DC)
  • Theresa Olivastri
    1500 Locust (PA)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Maintenance

  • Winner: Anthony Brown
    Crosswinds at Annapolis Towne Centre (MD)
  • Donald Conklin
    The Point at Pine Ridge (NY)
  • Felix Velez
    The Kensington (MA)
  • Ian Preddie
    Takoma Central (MD)
  • Israel Vasquez
    The Beacon of Groveton (VA)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Management

  • Beth Argaman
    OneEleven (IL)
  • Kaitlin Fisher
    The Upton (MD)
  • Kristen Champagne
    Twenty|20 (MA)
  • Lindsay Goldsmith
    Union on Queen (VA)
  • Winner: Naldelina Rosario
    The Octagon (NY)
  • Stephanie Majewski
    Solis Waverly (NC)

Developing Future Leaders—Maintenance

  • Adrian Dey
    100 Capitol Yards (DC)
  • Andrew Panufnik
    Atmark Cambridge (MA)
  • Winner: Dion Smith
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Edwin Avila
    Residences on the Avenue (DC)
  • Jason Nacerino
    15 Bank Apartments (NY)
  • Tomas Gomez
    Cameron Court (VA)
  • Miguel Heredia
    Mariner Bay at Annapolis Towne Centre (MD)

Developing Future Leaders—Management

  • Dan O'Grady
    The Modern (NJ)
  • Winner: Danielle Cook
    Parc Huron (IL)
  • Janelle DeGrafft
    Sherwood Crossing (MD)
  • Laura Razmilic
    Parc Station (FL)
  • Sarah Pelletier
    Halstead Merrifield (VA)
  • Shelagh Anderson
    Halstead Westborough (MA)

Service Manager of the Year

  • Chaz Lynn
    Anthem House (MD)
  • Winner: Demetrius Rodriguez
    Solis Waverly (NC)
  • Kenneth Young
    Park Lane Seaport (MA)
  • Matt Knolle
    The Apollo (DC)
  • Oliver Leiva
    Vantage (NJ)
  • Ronald Mercado
    Aperture (VA)

Property Manager of the Year

  • Barbara Sullivan
    One City Place, The Mariner and Castle (NY)
  • Daniel O'Grady
    The Modern (NJ)
  • Winner: Emily Wood
    Flats 130 at Constitution Square (DC)
  • Jeffrey Long
    The Upton (MD)
  • Kayla Gallagher
    Jack Flats (MA)
  • Tamika Jones
    Riverside (VA)

Rising Star—Management

  • Alma Tambone
    The Kensington (MA)
  • Winner: Christiana Berardi
    The Porter Del Ray (VA)
  • Diana Moyer
    Canvas Valley Forge (PA)
  • Jonathan Egerton
    Allegro (DC)
  • Kristin Fitzgerald
    Flats at Bethesda Avenue (MD)
  • Melanie McAuley
    The Daley (MD)
  • Susan Brennan
    360 State Street (CT)

Rising Star—Maintenance

  • Gayle White
    The Frasier (VA)
  • Nestor Fuentes Escobar
    Insignia on M (DC)
  • Reginald Prosper
    New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Winner: Sedat Qerimi
    The Charles Bellingham (MA)
  • Tommy Phi
    The Residence at SouthPark (NC)
  • Victor Hernandez
    Cadence at Crown (MD)