Past Nominees & Winners

Residents' Choice

  • Dalian on the Park (PA)
  • Enclave at Box Hill (MD)
  • Winner: The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • The Equitable Building (MD)
  • The Fitzgerald (MD)
  • The Village at Taylor Pond (MA)

Ratings & Reviews

  • Flats on D (MA)
  • Millstone at Kingsview (MD)
  • The Beacon at Waugh Chapel (MD)
  • The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Winner: The Kensington (MA)
  • Twenty|20 (MA)


  • 5333 Connecticut (DC)
  • Cathedral Commons (DC)
  • Dalian on the Park (PA)
  • One Greenway (MA)
  • Winner: The Frasier (VA)
  • The Zenith (MD)

Lease-Up of the Year

  • 1305 Dock Street (MD)
  • 3737 Chestnut (PA)
  • Cadence at Crown (MD)
  • Winner: Fuse Cambridge (MA)
  • Halstead Square - The Lanes (DC)
  • Redstone at Concordville Town Centre (PA)
  • The Esplanade at National Harbor (MD)
  • The Upton (MD)
  • Winthrop (MD)
  • Woodfield Oxford Square (MD)


  • Fuse Cambridge (MA)
  • Madox (NJ)
  • OneEleven (IL)
  • Winner: The Fenestra at Rockville Town Square (MD)
  • West Broad (VA)

Club Zero

  • 70 Capitol Yards (DC)
  • 100 Park at Wyomissing Square (PA)
  • Concord Crystal City (VA)
  • Lexington at Market Square (DC)
  • Observer Park (NJ)
  • Winner: Pearson Square (VA)
  • St Johns Wood (VA)
  • Waterside Place (MA)

Property of the Year

  • 15 Bank Apartments (NY)
  • 380 Connecticut (DC)
  • Chesapeake Ridge (MD)
  • Concord Crystal City (VA)
  • District (DC)
  • Liberty Towers (NJ)
  • Observer Park (NJ)
  • Paramount (VA)
  • Reading Commons (MA)
  • Winner: Yale West (DC)

Community Service

  • Winner: 100 Park at Wyomissing Square (PA)
  • Newseum Residences (DC)
  • Onyx on First (DC)
  • The Kingsley (VA)
  • Twenty|20 (MA)

Social Media

  • 3737 Chestnut (PA)
  • Capital Yards (70, 909, 100) (DC)
  • Cathedral Commons (DC)
  • Winner: Deco (MA)
  • Flats on D (MA)
  • Fuse Cambridge (MA)
  • Lakeside Apartments (VA)
  • Rhode Island Row (DC)
  • Stonington Farm (PA)
  • The Equitable Building (MD)
  • The Fenestra at Rockville Town Square (MD)
  • The Octagon (NY)
  • The Parker (VA)
  • The Promenade at Harbor East (MD)

Team Spirit

  • Winner: 3737 Chestnut (PA)
  • Halstead Square (VA)
  • Parc Huron (IL)
  • The Yards at Fieldside Village (MD)
  • Twenty|20 (MA)

President's Choice

  • Winner: OneEleven (IL)

Resident Concierge of the Year

  • Alex Dolph
    One Greenway (MA)
  • Althia Hemans
    The Metropolitan (MD)
  • Darryl Howard
    Halstead Square II (VA)
  • Winner: Debra Parker
    Flats 8300 (MD)
  • Marvin Kemp
    Madox (NJ)
  • Nordia Byrd
    The Equitable Building (MD)
  • Todd Canton
    City Market at O (DC)

Outstanding Top Sales

  • Alma Tambone
    The Kensington (MA)
  • Amanda Boaz
    Atmark (MA)
  • Bobby Hsieh
    Instrata Pentagon City (VA)
  • Winner: Brian Quander
    Elevation at Washington Gateway (DC)
  • Zarai Ruiz
    The Quarters at Towson Town Center (MD)

Outstanding High Velocity Sales

  • Bhavna Patel
    Milestone (MD)
  • Winner: Garner Giles
    Halstead New Rochelle (NY)
  • Miriam Marcano-Correa
    Cameron Court (VA)
  • Rosa Benlizar
    Mallory Square (MD)
  • Rosalie Testaverde
    New Village Patchogue (NY)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Maintenance

  • Aldo Urbina
    Milestone (MD)
  • Winner: Bobby Jones
    Chatsworth Park (VA)
  • Carroll Allen
    Union Wharf (MD)
  • Dawit Girma
    Senate Square (DC)
  • Felix Velez
    The Kensington (MA)
  • Peter Pellegrino
    Chestnut Square (PA)

Assistant Manager of the Year—Management

  • Christiana Berardi
    Aalto57 (VA)
  • Erin Tokey
    Aalto57 (MD)
  • Winner: Jonna Galuski
    Aalto57 (MD)
  • Naldelina Rosario
    Aalto57 (NY)
  • Sarah Scher
    Aalto57 (DC)
  • Susan Brennan
    360 State Street (CT)

Developing Future Leaders—Maintenance

  • Winner: Adrian Dey
    70 & 100 Capitol Yards (DC)
  • Dion Smith
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Edwin Avila
    Residences on the Avenue (DC)
  • Marcus Quinn
    Chatsworth Park (VA)
  • Nestor Fuentes
    Insignia on M (DC)

Developing Future Leaders—Management

  • Winner: Caitland Roberts
    The Avant at Reston Town Center (VA)
  • Dragana LaCore
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Jeff Long
    The Upton (MD)
  • Kimberly McDougal
    The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Michelle Hall
    The Lofts at Roosevelt Collection (IL)
  • Sarah Evans
    The Zenith (MD)
  • Tabitha Ballos
    Cameron Court (VA)

Onboarding Advisor of the Year—Maintenance

  • Andres Pena
    The Village at Taylor Pond (MA)
  • Winner: John Look
    30 Dalton (MA)
  • Oliver Leiva 
    The Rivington (NJ)

Onboarding Advisor of the Year—Management

  • Alyssa Boyle
    Capitol at Chelsea (NY)
  • Winner: Angela Sandstrom
    15 Bank Apartments (NY)
  • Beth Argaman
    OneEleven (IL)
  • Bridgette Willey
    The Fitzgerald at UB Midtown (MD)
  • Dylan Nash
    Waterside Place (MA)
  • Erica Krauss
    Senate Square (DC)
  • Jake Elsey
    5333 Connecticut (DC)
  • Nate Lopez
    Fuse Cambridge (MA)
  • Rosalie Testaverde
    New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Tray Smith
    Rolling Hills (MD)

Service Manager of the Year

  • Alan Arbogast
    Masons Keepe (VA)
  • Winner: Brian Riley
    Jack Flats (MA)
  • Dennis Swaim
    The Bowen (MD)
  • Douglas Larios
    The Frasier (VA)
  • Jim Flynn
    New Village at Patchogue (NY)
  • Robert Diehl
    Chesapeake Ridge (MD)

Property Manager of the Year

  • Caitland Roberts
    The Avant at Reston Town Center (VA)
  • Dragana LaCore
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Winner: Kimberly McDougal
    The Courts of Devon (MD)
  • Lindsey Hopmann
    Flats at Bethesda Avenue (MD)
  • Samantha LaRosa
    Gaslight Commons (NJ)
  • Scott Goldberg
    Chesapeake Ridge (MD)

Rising Star—Management

  • Alex Potter
    The Addison (NY)
  • Devin Blackman
    The Wellington (VA)
  • Kara Barnhart
    Gramercy (MD)
  • Karam Singh
    360 State Street (CT)
  • Rhianna Powell
    Flats at Perimeter Gardens (GA)
  • Rosalba Melo
    Gaslight Commons (NJ)
  • Sarah Bailey
    Riverside (VA)
  • Winner: Stephanie Mathieu
    70 Capitol Yards (DC)

Rising Star—Maintenance

  • Donte Foreman
    7th Flats (VA)
  • Kareem Shabazz
    Rolling Hills (CT)
  • Lamont Harris
    La Rochelle (MD)
  • Winner: Mario Garcia
    1305 Dock Street (MD)
  • Raed Wirr
    The Castle (NJ)
  • Steven Kehoe
    Citizen Perimeter (MD)